Questions? OK.

Do I need to create an account?

You will need to enter an email or sign-in with Google to access the mobile application. You don't need an account for the browser extension.

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How easy is it to cancel my paid account?

Cancel at any time. No hidden fees. You can use the mobile app for free with some restrictions. The browser extension is completely free at the moment.

What are your recommendations to find the best properties?

Pay attention to the fundamentals. While it may not seem important, always have a look at comparable measures (e.g. neighbourhood price or price per sqft/m² for an equivalent property). Of course, in the end, you should buy a place you love.

Do you resell my data to other companies?

No! We collect only the information necessary for the application to run and are not sharing it with anyone.

Any plans for the rest of Québec (or Canada)?

We love this question. But no, not at the moment.